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Blue Area Rugs

Blue is a calming color. If you're looking for a way to add color or some pattern to your space, consider a blue rug. Blue is a popular choice these days because it's pretty simple and easy on the eyes. It can give a certain mood to the interior, which is worth a try. One can choose from several blue area rugs on Mat The Basics to define the bare areas of a home, offices, and outdoors. When matching for colors is concerned, blue goes with all the neutral colors and shades of blue.

Additionally, a few more colors coordinate with blue to create harmony. These colors are red, black, purple, white, and green. The blue color can be utilized as a supporting tone or accent other colors. Blue rugs have many shades, including deep blue, powdery blue, royal blue, and sky blue.

In-fashion color

Our excitement in exploring colors for every mood and changing preferences help us keep abreast with the in-trend color schemes. And for years, blue has maintained its relevance. Considered the royals' choice, blue area rugs have become an inseparable element in numerous interior setups, and blue forms a key color in plenty of color schemes and palettes.

Effect of blue

Blue is a warm hue, so it works great in cool rooms. It'll make a room look more spacious, and if you have a smaller space, using it as the dominant color of your room will make the area appear larger. Blue rugs work especially well in bedrooms. It can also be used as a rug for a living room or family room to define the area, although people often prefer a patterned rug instead of plain color.

Blue is considered a relaxing color that can even lessen stress; this makes it the preferred choice for bedrooms. Blue has that soothing effect that can help extend restful hours of sleep.

Exclusive blue collection on Mat The Basics

Our exclusive collection of blue rugs offers different shades featuring multiple styles. So, if you're looking to update the décor in your room, look no further than choosing a rug color. Remember, rugs are easy to add brilliant colors to your space while protecting the flooring underneath it. Be part of the blue bandwagon and give your space a fresh look. To make it easier for you, we've listed some rather gorgeous blue rugs that can be found at Mat The Basic. You may traverse through the collection, and we have got them all covered.

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