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Linen Area Rugs

The use of linen in textile dates back thousands of years. Our preference for linen fabric was due to the inherent attributes that favor. They are durable and absorbent. More so because their usage is suggested by findings from ancient civilizations during the 18th century and beyond. Besides being durable, and resilient to wear and tear, they contribute to aesthetics. Essentially, every home today is designed to lend a level of comfort and feel to the floor. The contribution of linen material in creating authentic rugs adds to the endeavors of craftsmen who happen to fulfill the desires of homeowners.

Mirroring properties of the fabrics

Individual choices and requirements posed may ask for a certain quality or functionality. Accordingly, we employ linen material as and when required. And in the proportion that one’s demand for specific attributes comes up. They aptly mirror their properties to stand to everyone’s expectations of essential feel.

Blending aesthetics in the right proportion

We know how much of a linen material can form aspired durability or other desired functionality. Accordingly, we mix them in proportions that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately.  Additionally, we know what sophistication means aesthetically. We tend to balance our rug’s design, color, pattern, and other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel-good aesthetics in a minimalistic setting.

Functional & Decorative

Linen area rugs are blended with wool and other materials to bring desired functional and decorative features. They bear aesthetic value and deliver functionality. They are functional and decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be fairly durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. Linen materials generally complement the rug-making to lend essential attributes of durability and decoration.


One can customize for linen material if it forms the preferred choice. Customization services at Mat The Basics allow you to get your area rug designed for the quality and comfort you wish from a rug. When we make an area rug entirely from scratch, you can have your inputs in terms of material type, quality, fiber density among other aspects like design, pile height, weave, and size. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you, and any other characteristics you wished your linen rug must bear.


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