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Striped Pattern Rugs

Striped area rugs are fascinating for their catchy pattern. Stripes once formed a trendsetter in the fashion and apparel industry and have now descended to rugs. They are preferred choices for interior designers and enthusiastic rug buyers. Stripes have endless possibilities. From horizontal to vertical to black & white to multi-colored. A few other considerations for a stripe pattern are – a ticking stripe or a broad stripe. Tickling patterns are thin stripes that are minimal and easy to work with. Also, they suit numerous interior styles. The broader patterns have their own benefits that create a strong impact in the area of their placement.

Striped Area Rugs at Mat The Basics

Striped pattern rugs on Mat The Basics are weaved of a blend of materials. From durable and shiny wool to visually nice and beautiful cotton and linen. We ensure to employ materials that are best in terms of quality and purity and at the same time contribute to being sustainable:

  • Wool – superior quality wool helps us keep a class apart in the quality and longevity of our striped pattern rugs.
  • Cotton – Premium cotton fabrics are segregated to weave striped area rugs.
  • Linen – Usage of the linen lends the properties of being strong, and absorbent.
  • Viscose – Usage of viscose adds delicacy in the right proportion.

The joy of stripes

Unlike solid patterns and hues, stripes are easy to work with. They are less prone to dirt and dust. Houses made to hold minimal patterns or a broader pattern may find their destination around striped area rugs that reflect the age-old design and are at times customized to fulfill the needs of new-age rug buyers. Area rugs on Mat The Basics are an output of the untiring effort of weavers who are the true artists in bringing the appearances to life that our designers have been mapping. The same goes for the eclectic patterns and types on striped area rugs.

Blending aesthetics in the right proportion

Materials used in the making of our striped area rugs are carefully calculated for proportions to give the desired outcome. Also, different techniques are employed to meet individual needs. Accordingly, we mix them in proportions that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately. We tend to balance our striped area rugs design, color, pattern, and other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel-good aesthetics.

Functional & Decorative

Striped area rugs are made in compliance with the basics of rug making. Besides, they deliver value. Also, an area rug must retain its feel and functionality. They must be functional besides being decorative. The variety of stripe patterns available can potentially stand on the functional and decorative needs. From neutral to bold, colorful to black & white to bold to thin.

Customize for stripes that you aspire

We offer to hear new ideas in rug making, and we have an infinite number of possibilities. Likewise, our customization service will allow you to come up with the stripe patterns that you prefer and other aspects that excite you to give the rug a personalized feel. When we make an area rug entirely from scratch, you can have your say in terms of design elements, yarn type, pile height, fiber density, among others.

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