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Shaggy Area Rugs

We house the shag style that every comfort-loving being need to accessorize their stiff floors. Essentially, houses made to hold comfort while also not compromising on aesthetics must cover floors with shaggy area rugs that are a result of the untiring effort of weavers who spend blood and sweat to give them the appearance that designers have come up with. Also, when it comes to lending some luxury texture to the floor, the preferences of interior stylists are always shaggy area rugs, made to maximize comfort while keeping the aesthetics.

The joy of untrimmed strands

Certainly, shag formation on the rug is because the strands are left untrimmed. Shaggy area rugs have been one of the most appreciated styles for people who are fond of soothing textures. It is the fine fabric, thinner and closer that lends softness to the strands, making it the most celebrated entity in homes with kids.

Mirroring properties of the fabrics

Shag rugs on “Mat The Basics” are available in ample fabric choices. However, preferred choices and the bestselling materials are wool, cotton, viscose, and synthetic materials like polyester, and polypropylene. We employ them as and when required. And in the proportion that one’s demand for texture and comfort is best met. While wool bears all-around attributes, synthetic materials make the shaggy rugs durable and easy to clean and maintain. These materials aptly mirror their properties to stand to everyone’s expectations of essential functionalities. Hence, for years’ shaggy rugs have maintained their place among preferred rug choices. Additionally, when complemented by viscose, they bring the charm and twist that shine and speak in a soothing tone.

Functional & Decorative

It is an unsaid rule that an area rug must bear aesthetic value and deliver functionality. To do so, they must be functional besides being decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be fairly durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. Diverse material usage enables them of all such expectations. However, one must remember that the making of shaggy area rugs deprives them of a few attributes that may oppose their identity.

Blending aesthetics in the right proportion

Materials used in the making of our shaggy rugs are carefully calculated for proportions to give the desired outcome that you may wish. We know how much of a particular material can form aspired delicacy or durability. Accordingly, we mix them in proportions that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately.  Additionally, we know what sophistication mean aesthetically. We tend to balance our rugs for design, color, pattern and all other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel-good aesthetics in a minimalistic setting.


Delicate materials and easy weaving with the least dilution are the obvious ways to create authentic rugs. When making rugs, care is taken that the smoothness stands uncompromised, the feature that has been the unique selling proposition of rugs in this category. Also, we’re glad to unfold that we happily accept your instructions, the x, y, z of material options, weaving, design and other aspects that could help us arrive at the final aesthetics you must be longing for.

We have extended to offer customization that lets you decide and eventually define your meaning of a rug. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you and any other characteristics you wished in a shaggy rug.

Everything you need to know about shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs, shag rugs, or fluffy rugs- once a decor icon in the 80s, these rugs have come a long way, making a powerful comeback. They have created a special place in the heart of interior designers who love the idea of furnishing home with fashionable shag area rugs. These rugs get their name from their distinctive appearance.

If you are looking for a rug that can serve multiple purposes and add character to your space, this should be your pick. Use these in bedrooms, lounges, or children's rooms; Shaggy rugs will undoubtedly add a cozy factor for the residents. If you walk over a shaggy rug, you would constantly want to dig your feet into it. The soft fibers and texture are irresistible. Place a shaggy rug under the lounge suit or in front of the television, long hours of sitting will bring you nothing but comfort and peace.

A shaggy rug is made out of looped yarn, raised to create a deep pile. The pile is soft when walked upon and is exceptionally comfortable to sit on. These rugs were popular in the Middle East, particularly in central Asia and Turkey. Shaggy rugs have also found their places in the palaces of royalty. The style has now seen more fans as the designs have gotten more modernized with time. New rugs have been reinvented with better plush and are now the favorite cushy flooring for families out there. If we are talking about shaggy area rugs, how can
one forget about the appealing range of shag rugs?

The diverse range of shag rugs

If you go rug shopping, you will not fall short on options in the market. You can always find a size and style that suits your home decor. The types are determined by the material they are made of. Here we have listed a few diverse ranges of shaggy rugs:


Flokati is made out of a hundred percent wool. First produced in Greece, Flokati shag area rugs are not just any shag rug. They are history's fluffiest. These rugs are often found in cream or white color, but we at MAT can also customize colors as per the clients' requirements.

Flakotis are reliable, and if you get to buy these from a reputed shaggy rug manufacturer, these rugs can last for more than 20 years. Flokatis are perfect for living, a kid's room as well as a bedroom to add warmth to your space.

Wool Shag Rugs

Wool is the most popular material used for shag area rugs. A woolen rug is a special piece of art. You have two different options to choose from- the shaggy wool and the noodle type. If you appreciate the natural fabric, then a wool shag rug is your go-to option. Wool shag area rugs are thick, and you have to work actively on the maintenance. Of course, you would not want the crumbs or dirt to get stuck in the rug.

Synthetic shag rug

These rugs are made out of acrylic, polyester, viscose, and polypropylene. These rugs are easier to clean and are budget-friendly too. Since these shag rugs are synthetic, they have various options in terms of colors and pattern. However, they are not as durable as a woolen rug. If you want something beautiful and easy to clean, you should go for a synthetic rug.

Leather Shag rug

Off the all-shag rug, leather shag rug appear to be the quirkiest. Leather rugs are delicate but colorful. The leather shag rug is made by hand-knotting the leather strands or using soft strips of high-quality natural hides into the cotton backing. This will be the striking centerpiece of your home decor and are better suited for bedrooms and sitting areas because of the tonal effect created by this technique.

Mixed Texture shag rug

Mixed texture shag area rugs are a combination of different materials. Each rug can have multiple textures, and these rugs are durable too. If you enjoy playing with textures and colors, then mixed texture shag rugs are of your taste. After all, the contrast of different textures builds enticing patterns, and it makes a lot of sense to make your shag rug the focal point of your room. Not only will it add vibrancy to your space, but it will also make the room look more attractive and elegant.

Benefits of Shaggy rugs

If you are struggling with jumbling thoughts of whether to buy rug or not then, these benefits are your answer. Shag area rugs are unique and quirky, continuing to become the favorites of all.


Shag rug are winter-ready. And fortunately, that time of year is around the corner so, what are you waiting for? Introduce these rugs to any space and get a warmer and cozy room instantly. These rugs are a must if you have tiles or floorboards that get cold. A shaggy rug will cover the hard floor, and the warm texture will make walking a pleasant experience.

Noise reduction

You are surprised. Well! You can get a shaggy rug to reduce noise. You were surprised Instead of stomping, and you will hardly hear people walk as their feet sink into this plush rug. You do not have to tiptoe when on a shaggy carpet. Your house will be a calm and quiet place, and you are going to get a little more peace.

Joy of wool

Shaggy rugs can be made out of diverse materials, but the most popular and enticing material is wool. Wool has a lot of favorable properties, such as it retains heat. High on style, a shaggy wool rug looks fantastic and feels great.

Soft and comfortable

The best thing about rugs is, probably, how comfortable they are. They have a soft and silky feel to them because they are made, perfect for the hardwood floors. Their gentle and satiny touch felt under the feet is the thing that made them more desirable and demanded.

Another plus point for shags is that they bring out luxury and delicacy in a space. They are a perfect fit for areas where there is minimal furniture. However, shag rugs have many pros to them, which have made them very popular amongst the people.

How will you maintain a shaggy fluffy rug?

Shaggy rugs are a part of every interior design magazine, and you will find these pieces shining right by the celebrities in the television shows. Shag carpets add to the luxury of any space: the only catch- maintenance. The key is knowing the type of rug and the cleaning method that suits it the most.

If you own a Flokati rug, you have to schedule a regular cleaning. If you let the dirt accumulate, it can get matted, stained, and too messy. If you ignore the cleaning part, it will be challenging to get the shine back. Synthetic shaggy rugs can be washed frequently, as required. The good thing about synthetic rugs is that they can also handle a steam cleaner. Vacuuming, in many cases, will help you get the fluff up. You have to be extra careful with the vacuum because the fibers can get stuck in. You can also take help from a rug beater, which can help you loosen the dirt and make the rug fluffy again. Another way to clean a fluffy rug is by using a rug rake. A rug rake looks like a comb, and it will help you groom your rug. The rake will get rid of pet hair (if you have one), and it will also take care of dirt and debris.

Cleaning a shaggy fluffy rug can be challenging, but it will boost the lifespan of the rug. You might also need a professional cleaner to clean it for you. However, the best thing you can do is take some preventive measures that can help you prevent spills and dirt.

● Place the fluffy shag run in areas with low traffic
● Avoid walking on your fluffy rug with your shoes on. Try not to eat around and do not throw any trash on it.
● Keeping the floor beneath a rug clean and dust-free will help you keep the rug clean.

These are a few points that you can take as measures. Also, always read the label before using any product to clean the rug and test in an inconspicuous area. You need to understand that carpet cleaning is essential, but choosing the correct method is much more necessary not to end up spoiling your rug.

Buy Shag rugs from Mat The Basics.

You have two ways to work with a shaggy rug. You can get a rug and then match the decor with it, which can be pretty expensive. Or you can get a rug that matches your existing home decor. The second approach is way more economical and viable with the wide variety of shaggy area rugs available at Mat The Basics.

You can find different weaves of shag rugs on the website, including the flat weave and hand-tufted weave. The palette is so diverse; it won't be hard for you to find the perfect match. Add the Bold Roca Dunes Red carpet (Product link) from the hand-tufted collection to get a focal point, or add the more neutral Roca Palo Vanilla carpet (Product link) to give your room a classic and pleasant look.

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