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Texture Area Rugs

The term “texture” may be perceived differently in different spheres. However, the core meaning of it remains the same. Texture essentially signifies the feel of a surface, whether art, design, or a real object. In texture rugs, it varies, and hence texture rugs are distinguished based on variations in the feel. Now, what brings such changes in texture? Well, it is the fabric and how it shows up on the rug surface, brings about the change. Essentially, homeowners who are selective about the feel they wish to lend to their floor look for texture area rugs made to hold aesthetics that reflect preferred vibes. Textures on the rugs are due to the untiring effort of weavers spending days in bringing appearances to life. Also, when it comes to lending texture to the floor, the preferences of interior stylists are always the texture area rugs collection that offers varieties worth exploring.

Varieties in texture worth exploring

Textures on the rug. And, blended styles, motifs, patterns among other narrate stories and feel that one may be longing for. The feel on the surface of our texture rugs may be due to:

  • Loop
  • Cut-loop
  • Pile height
  • Shag

The texture on the rug may follow right from the yarn selection. Yarn of uneven thickness is employed to lend the texture rugs surface the necessary feel one may desire from a texture rugs. Our texture area rugs are made in compliance with such practices and yarn selection. Also, we use the loop, cut loop, and create varying pile height to replicate and bring such a feel to the rug surface. Essentially, any variation in the making will bring about a change in texture.

Fabrics aid to texture

Each fabric bears a distinguishing feel. While one may be smoother, the other may not. While one may be less coarse, the other may be more. Accordingly varies the texture of the rug, made of different fabrics. Preferred choices and the bestselling materials are wool, cotton, viscose, and synthetic materials like polyester, and polypropylene. While wool bears all-around attributes, synthetic materials make the rugs durable and easy to clean and maintain. The materials aptly mirror their properties to stand to everyone’s expectations of essential functionalities.

Customize for texture

One can customize for aforesaid aspects that create texture on the rug. We offer to hear new ideas in rug making, and we have an infinite number of possibilities. Likewise, our customization service allows you to get your area rug designed for the texture you wish among other things. When we make an area rug entirely from scratch, you can have your say in terms of design elements, yarn type, pile height, fiber density, among others that can bring the desired texture.


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