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Traditional Area Rugs

The term “traditional” signifies descend of culture from the erstwhile generation to the new age. So do the traditional rugs. They possess designs and motifs that forms shared experience transferred by erstwhile beings. The rugs in this category appositely mimic the designs of an older era. Made of new fibers, traditional area rugs are carefully made to mirror age-old designs and prints that marked the time-period decades back. Essentially, houses made to hold aesthetics that reflect traditional vibes must cover floors with traditional rugs that are a result of the untiring effort of weavers spending days in bringing the appearances to life. Also, when it comes to lending erstwhile texture to the floor, the preferences of interior stylists are always the traditional area rugs collection. While they have a proven history of improving aesthetics, new fabrics and weaving techniques help maximize comfort.

Narrate stories from the erstwhile storyteller

Textures on the rug and blended traditional motifs narrate stories of the past worth listening to. Traditional area rugs have been one of the most appreciated styles for people who are fond of imitating decades-old thematic appearance to their floor architecture. It is the attribute of being older style and poetic design that get adorned by traditional rug enthusiasts.

Mirroring properties of the fabrics

Traditional rugs on “Mat The Basics” is available in premium fabric, handmade, and hand-stitched to preserve and maintain textures from the past. We employ different materials as and when required to meet specific needs. And in the proportion that one’s demand for texture and comfort is best met. While wool bears all-around attributes, other materials may be chosen for durability, easy cleaning, and maintenance among other requirements. For years, traditional area rugs have maintained their place, forming preferred choices ahead of numerous other styles.

Functional & Decorative

Certainly, Traditional area rug must bear aesthetic value and deliver functionality. To do so, they must be functional besides being decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be fairly durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. Diverse material usage enables them of all such expectations. Generally made of premium wool, our traditional rugs happen to constitute all such attributes.

Preserved and maintained aesthetics of our traditional rugs

We strive to maintain how traditional designs are seen and thought to appear originally. Untouched aesthetic designs are mapped to give the traditional area rugs desired outcome. Materials used in the making are carefully chosen to do justice to the mapped design. We tend to mix all the aspects in the right proportions that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately.  We tend to balance our traditional rugs for design, color, pattern, weave, and all other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer output worth celebration.


Premium materials and easy weaving with the least dilution in the visual aspects are the obvious ways to create authentic traditional rugs. When making traditional area rugs, care is taken that the age-old textures and designs form accurately on the cloth that forms the base, the feature that has been the unique selling proposition of rugs in traditional style. Also, we’re glad to unfold that we happily accept your instructions through our customization services where one may get the rugs of their dreams customized within the agreed timeframe. The rug customization can be in material, color, size, and shape. Additionally, clients can book a consultation service to identify the best rug option for their needs and get a detailed quote.

We have extended to offer customization that lets you decide and eventually define your meaning of a rug. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you, and any other characteristics you wished your traditional rug contained.



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