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Your Room Space Needs A Tufted Rugs

The process of creating a hand tufted rugs is different from that of a hand knotted rug. A hand-tufted rug is crafted partially by a mechanized tool. This rug is made by punching the strands of wool into the canvas, which is stretched on a frame with the assistance of a hand-operated tool. The process is not time-intensive, but that does not compromise on the designs of a hand tufted area rugs.

hand tufted wool rug are produced by carving patterns on a frame as the design demands. The carvings are tufted carefully on edge using tufting guns specially designed for this purpose. Depending on the manufacturer of the rug and the material used in the manufacturing, the durability of a hand tufted area rugs can go up to 10 years.

You can find a plethora of variety in hand tufted wool rug. These beautiful rugs are available in abstract, geometric, striped, floral, or striped patterns. The pattern can be pretty much anything that you can see on a hand-knotted or machine-made rug.

Are hand tufted rug of good quality?

Hand tufted rugs are not excessively priced. The reason is that a hand-tufted area rug takes considerably less time to make and is thus less costly to produce. This usually helps the hand tufted rugs manufacturer to pass on the savings to the buyer. Affordability is the biggest pro when considering hand-tufted area rugs. This being said, less price does not mean that you will have to compromise on the quality of the carpet. Hand tufted rugs still have their personality, durability, and warmth equivalent to or similar to human touch.

The artisans create hand tufted area rugs by placing the strands (more commonly made out of wool or yarn) on a frame. Weaver begins the process by making a backing with design. The strands are punched on the backing using a tufting gun tool. A tufting gun is used to inject the strands of yarn or wool into this backing. When the entire material is pushed or injected onto a pattern, a scrim is placed on a rug with glue to keep all the fibers intact. The carpet loops are then sheared, and the carpet becomes more balanced and fit for foot traffic. The edges of many hand tufted area rugs are also bound to make the entire carpet stronger.

Most hand tufted area rugs are made of wool, the most delicate fibre that a rug can have. You can also find these rugs in bamboo silk, acrylic polyester, and viscose.

Key attributes of a hand tufted rug

Can be drawn a distinction by assessing the key features of a hand tufted rugs that could help assist in making buying decisions:

Quick production

Be it a small rug or an extra-large one, hand tufted area rugs take considerably less time to produce. An average hand tufted rug size, 8' x 10', can take 5 to 10 days (excluding the fabric dying).


Knowing that these rugs are quick to make, these rugs can mimic the hand knotted rugs and all of this at a low price.


Hand tufted area rugs are not as durable as hand knotted rugs, but that in no case means that you will have to buy another just next year. A good-quality hand tufted rugs can last for up to 20 years. It would help if you purchased it from a reputed hand tufted rugs manufacturer.

Hand Tufted Rug Shape and Size

You can find hand tufted area rugs from small to enormous sizes. These rugs are also available in a variety of shapes. If you are interested in a custom-shaped carpet, you can contact the manufacturer.

Hand Tufted Rug Colors

One of the best things about hand tufted wool rug is that you will find these in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It can be easy for you to find a color that matches your decor. hand tufted rugs are available in modern, traditional and contemporary designs. All you need is an unbiased guide to colour options that go with the décor in place.

No need for pads

A backing cloth with the latex is attached to the back of the rug, which works as a pad, preventing the rug from slipping. You do not have to purchase an extra rubber pad.

What makes hand tufted rug worth buying

Hand tufted area rug are beautiful, and if purchased from a reliable manufacturer, these rugs can last for decades. If you are looking for a luxe plush density, a hand tufted wool rug made of wool can precisely give you what you need. Wool is the usual base material for some of the most beautiful hand tufted area rug. The fibre is a sound-absorbent of natural or deep dyes and can give you a rug with a colorful design and a soothing base. The homely charm can relax any interior. Some of the hand tufted wool rug are profoundly textured and suitably moody to match eclectic styles.

New Hand tufted area rugs trend

Some rugs can anchor a room, and if you are quick enough to follow the trends, your rug selection can transform your home. The directions are currently taking a turn for textured and bold rugs. Area rugs have always been helpful to draw different elements in a room altogether. You can add texture and warmth and assist the acoustics only when you know which rug to pick.

If you want to match the decor with an existing hand tufted rug, you will have to pull the colors from the rug and add that as a base point. Earthy, natural, warmer, and authentic designs are never out of fashion. These colors often make a home feel warm and also help you create a sense of comfort. Natural material such as wool is always the first choice when it comes to hand tufted wool rug.

Art-inspired rugs and dynamic patterns are now increasingly popular. Neutral tones have always found their place in every trend, but there is also an inclination towards bold and vibrant rugs. A colourful hand tufted area rug can help express the personality.

How to find out if a rug is hand tufted?

When shopping for a rug, there are always tell-tale signs, which will help you determine the make of the rug. Some indicators of a hand tufted area rug include:

The Fringe

In hand tufted area rug, the fringe is more often glued or stitched to the back of the rug. The fringe, in this case, is always a decorative part rather than being integral to the entire rug, like in the case of hand knotted rugs.

The design

In hand tufted area rug, the design will be present on the front only. The back will be blank. The pattern is in sheer contrast to the hand-knotted rugs, where the front design mirrors the back design.

The collection of hand tufted area rug is diverse and sure to match any decor. The patterns, geometric or floral, classic or contemporary, can add value to the space. Neural-coloured rugs can help you create a cosy and inviting space. Put the neutral colors against any backdrop, from traditional wood accents to modern rooms; these rugs add warmth to the home. If you want to bring life to your space, a multicolour carpet will be a perfect addition. The velvety surface created by multicoloured wool rugs can shift any home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hand tufted area rug, thus, have all the attributes of an ideal carpet. From delicacy to durability to being budget-friendly, all these features make hand tufted wool rug worth buying.

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