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We intended to attain the inadequacy of the rug market decades back. Hence, today we are amongst some of the largest carpet wholesalers and carpet manufacturers. Today, we stand in a position to offer a diverse range of carpets in numerous styles, plenty of colors, and patterns worth owning. We are the ultimate destination for rug enthusiasts.  We are a host to a wide range of rugs in styles like Contemporary, Luxury, Shaggy, Traditional, Vintage, Texture, and Hide.

Our exclusive collection

Our inclusive collection is a compilation of appealing ideas, mesmerizing patterns, themes, and concepts. Some of these are Kea, Rio, Gau, Feel, Pico, Shah, Wako, and Blanc. We believed in the authenticity of our offering. Hence, rugs in our exclusive collections are the results of the uniqueness and creativity of the brains that go in the process.

Adopted Patterns

Patterns on rugs are the designer’s narration of themes and artistic points of view. Patterns that we house are- Abstract, Border, Geometric, Medallion, Solid, Striped, Floral, Chevron, and Patchwork. Positioning of pattern rugs could be where one desires an added level of artful zest. The exceptional flair for art, ability to appreciate, and accept criticism enables us of crafting rugs that happen to fulfill the desires of homeowners who love art.

Color Options

From vivid to neutral to trending, colors have been the prime consideration to keep up with the demands of rug buyers. Color options include an appropriate mix of bright colors and neutral shades. You may select from rugs in colors- White, Neutral, Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Beige, Pink, Gold, and multi-color.

Weaving Techniques

We employ weaving techniques that suit everyone’s desires.  Additionally, weaving techniques also may differ depending on aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. The range of techniques we practice is- Hand Knotting, Hand Loomed, Hand Weaving, and Hand Tufting.

Sizes for every placement

When you plan on covering the floor with rugs, you decide on sizes, and then make attempts to find out the perfect rug and matching sizes. Well, it could be daunting if you don’t find all the parameters intersect to give you the desired rug. Fortunately, we house rugs in sizes for every placement need that can fit any nook and any corner of a house. While we emphasize innovating for amplified number of options in the most asked sizes like 5X8, recently we have also adopted an aggressive approach at amplifying other sizes and shapes- Small (2 by 3), Runner, Round, Square, 4 by 6, 6 by 9, 8 by 10, 9 by 12.  Besides, we offer customization services to adapt to your size requirements.

Material Range

As carpet wholesalers and carpet manufacturers, we tend to keep the quality intact right from the beginning. We know that the features of the material used are reflected in the rug. Hence, employing premium quality material can fetch good quality rugs. Well, we do adopt the best in market raw material to lend our rug the feel we expect them to bear. The range of material Options includes- Wool, Viscose, Bamboo, Hemp, Leather, Linen, Polyester, Polypropylene, and Recycled Pet.  Wonderful floor coverings can be found in our company, "Mat The Basics" who are the leading carpet wholesaler and carpet manufacturer of artistic and beautiful carpets.

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