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Hemp Area Rugs

We adopted hemp fabric in making rugs because they produce sustainable hemp rugs. The long fibers of the cannabis plant are used to make these thick, soft, and durable rugs material. They have been historically used in making strong and durable ropes. Besides being durable and resilient to wear and tear, they contribute to aesthetics. Essentially, every home today is designed to lend a level of comfort and feel to the floor. The contribution of hemp material in creating authentic hemp rugs adds to the endeavors of artisans.

Mirroring properties of the fabrics

The strong and durable hemp fabric is known to make textiles that reflect the attributes of the fiber. Choices and requirements posed may ask for a certain quality or functionality. Accordingly, we employ hemp as and when required. And in the proportion that one's demand for specific attributes in a hemp rug comes up. They aptly mirror their properties. They give rugs the desired strength and durability to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear and still look good.

Hemp rugs are very eco-friendly. Some of the known benefits of using hemp in making rugs include durability, being anti-microbial, and being naturally good at absorbing sound.

Functional & Decorative – Benefits to count on

Hemp rugs last a very long time, so you don't need to replace them as often as other materials.

Hemp rugs are naturally anti-microbial and eco-friendly, so they're better for the environment than synthetic materials.

They help contribute to a healthy indoor air quality, which reduces your family's exposure to toxins in carpets and other floorings.

Hemp rugs are naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Hemp area rugs improve indoor air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, which is then released into the air as oxygen. The fiber used in natural flooring products is often referred to as “bast,” which comes from the bark of the hemp plant. Although it's still possible to react to latex in natural products, many are cured naturally in the sun, so they don't contain any toxins.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of rugs is a considerable factor. And the ease of cleaning and maintenance may become a priority for many homes. Hemp rugs will age beautifully, but you can clean them at home by vacuuming every few weeks or spot cleaning with warm water and mild soap as needed. Because of its durability, hemp fibers do not break down easily.

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